Oct 10 – Oct 17 2020 

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 6 Months of virtual work

Is this program
for you?

If you are a Manager, HR staff member, consultant, independent professional working in people oriented areas, if you are a healing professional, therapist, and counselor. If you lead teams in private, public, international organizations or NGO’s, then this program is for you.

Is this program
for you?

If you are a Manager, HR staff member, consultant, independent professional working in people oriented areas, if you are a healing professional, therapist, and counselor. If you lead teams in private, public, international organizations or NGO’s, then this program is for you.


  • To become a professional leadership coach from an internationally experienced, accredited and renowned community of ICF coaches. 
  • To go through a learning process that will allow your higher self to emerge so you will support your clients going through a transformative journey.
  • To become the best leader of your Inner Team, so you can support others to develop their own leadership.
  • To experience the joy of learning as a member of a community which supports you and collaborates with you to succeed in your learning.
  • To be part of the highest standard of certified coaches in the world.

What do you receive at the end of the program?

  • After approving the written and oral examination, you receive the ACTP diploma with the ICF Hagakure + Redma logos with 197 hours of training.
  • Guaranteed competency development and clear structure of your coaching conversations.
  • Development of multicultural sensitivity.
  • Development of skills for long distance coaching, which is one of the most important competencies in a globalized world.
  • A joyful learning experience that combines face-to-face training and different virtual spaces that will help you build an international community of colleagues.
  • Learning based on the Hagakure® system, applying the Warrior styles® and the Inner Team coaching. 

Why is our International Certification in Coaching Competencies the best?

We apply the ‘Inner Team’ model, which is a dynamic and transformative approach geared towards increasing self-awareness for every manager and team, which then impacts behaviour, attitudes and ultimately performance.

It is a highly comprehensive learning program with 197 hours endorsed by the ICF as ACTP.

In order to grant a certification, we ensure that graduates demonstrate, in an observable and measurable way, the key competencies required for performance as an international professional coach.

Successfully and fully attending this program will give the participant 50 out of 100 hours of practice with clients to be eligible for the ACC Credential from ICF.

We are a community of professionals recognized internationally for our integrity and effectiveness in helping our clients get results and also in our commitment to sharing best practices and knowledge with our students.

We have received recognition for the quality and warmth of our team, for the skills and ethical standards that our graduates demonstrate and above all, for the community we build together, our diversity and multiculturalism.

What are the requirements to join?

  • University Degree
  • Interview
  • Letter of commitment from the sponsor

Learning Approach

Transformational learning

Coaching works on at least three levels. On the transactional level, these goals bring an improvement in personal efficiency. On a development level, it teaches new ways of thinking when facing challenges. The third is the transformational level. Here we-define the way we assign meaning to, or ‘know’ our selves, our own identity, and the circumstances around us.

The “Inner Team” model contains the essentials of powerful transformational work, because it combines these three elements.

Who are we?


Is a management consulting and training firm with over 25 years’ experience based in Gaborone, Botswana. It has clients in most countries in Eastern and Southern Africa who come from different spheres such as the private and public sector as well as international organizations such as UN, SADC and SACU.

Over the years, REDMA has acquired deep knowledge of the management environment in various organizations, particularly in Eastern and Southern Africa, and topped with international first-hand knowledge this has proved invaluable when coaching clients from different backgrounds, professions and walks of life.

REDMA has always shown a strong commitment to transferring knowledge and skills to clients, and will bring this to the coach training process.
REDMA’s client intervention system takes the form of facilitation and other experiential adult learning techniques thus creating environments for interactive collective learning, which also ensures that the action plans are carried through to the work place.

Participants have said that workshops balance learning, practice and fun, and with its high caliber and well-qualified coaches, REDMA is excited to make this joint collaboration with Hagakure Leadership & Coaching so you can join the best coach training program for our people in Africa.

Masao Patrick Kindiano, PCC

Consulting and coaching company based in Queretaro, Mexico, with 25 years of experience in building leadership capacity, transforming organizational cultures, building high performing teams, coaching executives and teams, as well as training professionals to become international certified coaches with the highest standards and ethics (ICF).

“Hagakure” is a word in Japanese that means “Hidden under the leaves”. It is the name of a Samurai book from the XVII century and it serves as a metaphor of the work we do as coaches: what are those hidden forces, impulses, “voices” or “selves” that sometimes act against our conscious will and make us do or say things we actually didn’t intend to?

Since 2008 Hagakure has been identified as a solid, high quality company that offers the best coaching and training. In order to contribute to building the best reputation for our profession, we decided to design and open the International Coach Certification based on the ICF core competencies, so we would build a community of high level coaches able to offer deep and effective interventions with their clients.

We have certified over 250 coaches in Latin America. Our main value is the academic and personal quality of our programs. We keep the groups small to provide personal connection, inclusiveness and a personalized learning experience for each of our students.

Laura Fierro Evans, MCC


Program Contents

  • Learning in a community and transformative learning.
  • Distinguishing coaching from other disciplines.
  • Coaching from the ICF understanding.
  • The complete process: from stakeholders interviews to ending a process
  • Building the 8 ICF core competencies (2019 update) step by step:
    1. Demonstrates ethical practice
    2. Embodies a coaching mindset: open, curious, flexible and client-centered.
    3. Establishes and maintains agreements about coaching, the relationship, process, plans and goals.
    4. Cultivates trust, respect and safety.
    5. Maintains presence, employing a style that is open, flexible, grounded and confident.
    6. Listens actively
    7. Evokes awareness and
    8. Facilitates client growth
  • Inner Team Coaching Model: From meeting your inner selves and expanding your self-awareness to being able to coach your clients. The Warrior Styles® to understand and coach people from different backgrounds
  • Our frames of reference are: Appreciative inquiry and Ubuntu’s spirit in coaching. Systemic thinking, U Theory, Polarity Management and Voice Dialogue.


Life wheel

Being an agile multicultural coach

Polarity management

Cycle of effective coordination

Ladder of inference

Managing client’s conflicts in coaching

Relationships map

Initial and final measurement in coaching processes

Commitments made by participants

  • To fully attend to the 7 day worskhop.
  • To attend to all individual mentoring sessions with your coach.
  • To do all 50 hours of practice with external clients and co-students as well as individual mentor coaching.
  • To attend to all webinars.
  • Read all books and reading materials.
  • Punctuality in their learning community sessions.
  • Active contribution to their learning community.


$4,200.00 US DOLLARS

This includes:

  • Registration to the program
  • One week face to face workshop
  • Lunch the 7 days of the worskhop
  • Virtual webinars
  • Learning community sessions
  • Individual Mentor Coaching sessions and regular feedback
  • 2 textbooks: Coaching Leaders by Laura Fierro Evans and Coaching Competencies by Damián Goldvarg / Norma Perel.
  • Written and oral final exam
  • Certificate


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Office Number

Shathiso Coyne

WhatsApp Number: +267 75428624


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Masao Patrick Kindiano, PCC

Patrick is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has more than 25 years of experience as a facilitator, executive coach, assessor and consultant specializing in Human Resource and Organisational Development. In addition, Patrick develops and conducts assessment and development centres for the recruitment and development of senior executives of various organisations. He has worked extensively for the UN System as an executive assessor in both the recruitment of Resident Coordinators/ Representatives around the world and development of senior managers.

He has coached leaders in both, public and multilateral organizations, including FAO, WFP, IFAD, WHO, UNDP, DPKO, the United Nations Secretariat, Parastatal Organizations and Government Ministries and Departments. Patrick’s educational background includes a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Manitoba, a Bachelor degree from the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, and Professional Accounting qualification from Canada. In addition, he holds a number of certifications, including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Interpersonal Growth, StrengthsScope and the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32). Patrick resides in Botswana, and is fluent in English and Kiswahili.

Laura Fiero Evans, MCC

Laura is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with over 3,500 hours of client coaching and an author of two books: *“Coaching Leaders, leverage the power of your Inner Voices to become a Leader” (, *“The Warrior Styles: Leading from your Inner Selves” (only available in Spanish).
Her extensive experience of over 25 years and her focus on supporting managers to develop leadership competencies as a coach and consultant has helped her find effective solutions to the demanding expectations that leaders face in our globalized and volatile world.
Since 2009 as a Leadership coach she has been coaching officials from different UN Agencies namely UNHCR, UNECA, WHO, PAHO, WFP, ILO, DPKO.
She has been a facilitator for Leadership Development Programs for the UN Secretariat and facilitated leadership programs and retreats for UNHCR, WHO-AFRO and PAHO-WHO.
She has been a speaker at international conferences in Washington D.C., USA; Hamburg, Germany; Santiago de Chile; Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and in several cities in Mexico.
Laura's educational background includes a Masters Degree in Communication and Education from Mexico, a Magister Atrium in Adult Education from Hamburg, Germany and a Bachelor in Communication from Mexico. She is fluent in Spanish, English and German.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the restrictive travel measurements in many countries, we want to grant safety for all participants of our programme and therefore we are rescheduling to start on October 10.